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Morex Capital invests in high yielding, short-term first and second Residential Ontario mortgages, consistently one of the strongest markets in North America. Ontario real-estate provides an unmatched level of historically stable real estate. Every investment is based on a thorough investigation of the property.

Morex Capital is a trusted non-bank lender in Ontario providing alternative mortgage solutions for borrowers while offering investors an opportunity to earn a superior, stable return as we preserve capital through a portfolio of mortgages secured by residential real estate.

We are focused on residential mortgages in the Greater Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe. We maintain a diversified portfolio of high-yielding mortgages to ensure a superior return for investors while minimizing risk. Investor capital is secured by a registered 1st or 2nd lien on each property.

Leadership Team


Mohamed H. Manzoor
Chief Executive Officer

Mohamed is the founder of Morex Capital. He brings over 22 years of experience and expertise in the mortgage brokerage industry and the Ontario residential housing market. He has a proven track record of risk-based financial analysis and identifying profitable, low-risk investment and lending opportunities. Mohamed is also the founder of Canadian Mortgage Group Corp. (CMGC), a successful licensed independent mortgage brokerage established in 2004 with over $700 million in mortgage origination to date. After eight years of operating CMGC and referring private mortgages externally, Mohamed founded Morex Capital to capture the deal flow from CMGC.


Atul Mehra, CPA, CA
Chief Financial Officer

Atul is a co-founder of Morex Capital and is responsible for oversight of accounting and financial controls. He has over 15 years’ experience working in corporate finance, public offerings, capital markets, tax planning and mergers and acquisition advisory. He has advised Canadian, US, European and Asian companies on initial public offering (IPO), tax design and structure, mergers and acquisitions, strategies for listings in Canadian and United States exchanges such as NASDAQ and the TSX, compliance with securities and exchange Commission (SEC) registration statements, 1933 Securities Act filings, the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX) and Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) compliance. He holds an honours degree in Accountancy from York University, a Chartered Accountancy Designation (C.A.) in Canada, a Chartered Professional Accountant Designation (C.P.A) in Canada and a Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A) designation in the United States of America.


Charbel Cheaib, CPA, CA
Chief Compliance Officer

Charbel brings over 18 years of experience in the financial industry. He began his career as a Chartered Accountant, performing audits and consulting for Canadian Banks, Broker/Dealers, Investment Funds and Mortgage Investment Corporations during his time at KPMG. In 2009 he joined CIBC Mellon where he developed fund administration services for the unique requirements of exempt market dealers to penetrate a new market and acquire new clients as a business development executive. In 2019, he joined BlackRock and was responsible for oversight of relationships with institutional investors, reviewing investment portfolios and recommending suitable private equity & private credit investments. In 2021, Charbel joined Morex Capital as a Partner to lead the firm’s growth strategy within the appropriate compliance framework of the Canadian securities regulators.


Maria Tilotta
Chief Operating Officer

Maria is a co-founder of Morex Capital and is responsible for operational oversight and ensuring proper execution of the firm’s policies and procedures. Maria has over 10 years of experience and expertise in the residential mortgage brokerage sector and over 20 years of experience in financial operations. Maria oversees the administration of Morex Capital, including the monitoring and servicing of loans, communication with borrowers and third-party vendors.


Team Members


Chris Gee
VP Business Development

    • 10 years retail banking experience.
    • 8 years in the broker world. 
    • 2015 "young guns" recipient featured in CMP Mag for top producing agent under 35.
    • Top producing mortgage agent since joining broker world with over $20M in funding per year.


George Mitropoulos
Business Development Officer

    • Manages and services growth of company’s portfolio of mortgage brokers.
    • Licensed Real Estate Agent.
    • Joined Canadian Mortgage Group Corp. in 2010.


Sabrina Gutierrez
Senior Mortgage Underwriter

    • Joined Canadian Mortgage Group Corp. in 2010.
    • Underwrites and interacts with mortgage brokers and mortgage clients to complete the funding process.


Rania Mansour
Administrative Assistant

    • Highly experienced in office operations and provides support to the senior management and the management team in an efficient and effective manner.


To be eligible to invest, Investors must meet suitability requirements which will be determined by our Exempt Market Dealer. For each dollar invested with Morex Capital, you receive a stable return paid quarterly. The return for investors is directly related to the average interest rate of the underlying mortgages. Since inception in 2012, investors have received 9.35% annualized return. We have a strong management and governance team to uphold strict lending criteria and a diversified portfolio of mortgages.

Investors also have the option to shelter tax within their RRSP, TFSA, RESP, RRIF, LIRA and other registered funds.

Investor capital is secured by liens registered on Canadian residential real estate, we register a lien on each property. To further reduce risk, we monitor property values to ensure sufficient collateral. Mortgage terms are 12 months or less, which further reduces risk.

Risk Management

Experienced professionals with a focus on risk management. Ensuring preservation of capital using industry best-practice, registered liens and appointed Solicitors.

Quality Investments

Morex Capital invests in stable residential real estate, with a high interest return for investors, and secures every transaction with registered liens against the property.


Morex Capital has a nine year track record and has delivered an annual average return 9.35% since inception.

Invest today with Morex Capital.

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