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Morex Capital
Common Sense Lending

Morex Capital invests in high yielding, short-term first and second Residential Ontario mortgages, consistently one of the strongest markets in North America. Ontario real-estate provides an unmatched level of historically stable real estate. Every investment is based on a thorough investigation of the property.

Our Mission is to provide investors with capital preservation while delivering superior returns from mortgage-backed investments and a steady stream of dividend income.

Morex Capital is a Private Equity Fund, structured as a Mortgage Investment Corporation ("MIC"). Morex Capital is not correlated to public markets, provides Investors with higher returns while adding diversification to investment portfolios.

Our team consists of in-house underwriting, financial and lending professionals with decades of experience in originating and underwriting residential and commercial loans.

We use a common sense approach, we take the time to get to know our borrowers, perform a financial analysis and review and secure all loans with Candian Real Estate.

For each dollar invested with Morex Capital, you receive 7% annual interest (paid quarterly), Stable ROI (Low Volatility), Strong Management Team, Portfolio Diversification and Governance under strict lending criteria.

Your tax is sheltered within your RRSP's, RESP's, TFSA's, RRIF's, LIRA's and all registered funds.

Your capital will be preserved through Canadian Real Estate security, and you are protected by legal covenants registered on property title.

Risk Management

Experienced professionals with a focus on risk management. Ensuring preservation of capital using industry best-practice, registered liens and appointed Solicitors.

Quality Investments

Morex Capital invests in stable residential real estate, with a high interest return for investors, and secures every transaction with registered liens against the property.


Morex Capital has a nine year track record and has delivered an annual average return 9.35% since inception.

Look no further, invest today with Morex Capital.

Toll Free: 1-905-896-2642

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