Residential Mortgages

Have you been turned down by banks, have bad credit, claimed bankruptcy, or have filed a consumer proposal in the past and are finding it difficult to get financing, don’t stress, Morex can help.

Debt Consolidation

Why not use the equity built in your home?

We understand unsecured debt can get out of control; expenses can spring up anywhere and everywhere when you least expect them.

More and more consumers are finding this the best way to reduce high-interest loans and credit card balances to one lower monthly payment.

Whether you are looking to consolidate your debts or for a second opinion on what you are being offered elsewhere we are confident that our common-sense approach to lending will provide you with peace of mind when making your decision.

Our access to low interest rate capital combined with our incredible product knowledge is just what you need.

Have Questions?

Morex Capital Is Here To Help You!


Tailor-Made Solutions

At Morex Capital we provide first and second mortgages. By working with you to understand your requirements and repayment plans we can steer you in the right direction. It is time to have Morex advise you on what is best for you!

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