Adding Value To Your Client’s Portfolio

Diversifying the client’s portfolio is a crucial practice to consider for referral partners and brokers. The experienced management team at Morex is allowing them to do this with much ease and add a fixed income generating product backed by Canadian real estate. The substantial experience of ours in the mortgage industry’s aspects like lending, banking, and law make us possible to transfer the right information and knowledge.

With exclusive access to market research, insights, materials, and on-time meetings, we help unlock growth opportunities for brokers and partners. Our motive is to invest in them and help grow their businesses successfully. Understanding the mortgage industry along with its fundamental analysis is our priority which further helps us preparing a great investment opportunity.

At the time identifying the investment opportunities meeting our standards, we put a considerable amount of time to decide whether they fit our portfolio or not. Also, keep us pointing out the risks while preserving the level of due diligence to add value to those who are admiring for informed decisions. We will show you how advanced we are in management and reporting that help bring returns to your clients.

Managing Investments In-Line…

Begin With Investors’ Funds & Utilize Them To Purchase Shares

01. Investment

With us, you can invest directly by completing necessary documents

02. Eligibility

Mandate investors to fund within their RRSP or registered investment

03. Deposit

Investments done through cheque are further successfully deposited

04. Purchase

Investor’s capital is used to make the purchase of added shares within Corp.

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Continuous Profits

Here, we execute the most suitable financing structure tailored to specific clients’ needs. The research done by us goes beyond your expectations and the focus is on developing investment opportunities that add value to portfolio. We keep educating, informing, and showing the brokers the right way to work and help them make informed decisions. Thanks to our hands-on experience and approach that we use to handle different aspects of portfolio administration with perfection. From payments, insurance maintenance, to a renewal of mortgage, we ensure you understand each process in detail.

Dividend Payments & Policy

Our company follows a policy of paying a considerable part of its earned money to its shareholders. The distribution is done in the form of dividend payments declared by the corporation from time to time. We are an established mortgage investment corporation under 130.1 section of the Canadian Income Tax Act. The dividend payments here are treated as regular income for tax purposes and are made monthly in the hands of shareholders as interest.

In the form of either cash or shares, an individual attains the dividend payments. We also undergo an annual audit ensuring all the shareholders receiving a copy of their financial statements. We genuinely believe in transparency and it is one of our crucial values. When you are investing your hard money with us, we strive to meet your needs and deliver an exceptional experience from beginning to end.

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Mortgage Industry Expertise

Coming from extensive experience in the mortgage industry, we can handle all the aspects and ensure our clients have a great peace of mind knowing the entire process is managed by knowledgeable professionals. All our mortgages are inspected closely by the leading underwriting team under one roof. We keep eye on the latest mortgage market so that the updated information is delivered. Our process of due diligence helps identify all the risks adding value to partners seeking informed decisions for the next deal.

Qualified Advisors

We are serious about our clients’ relationships and take time to educate them every step of the way, no matter one is experienced or just start with a little investment. The investment returns generated at Morex are earned with a careful selection of quality mortgages. Our team of investment advisors is highly qualified in handling all the portfolio’s facets including – collecting the payments, renewal of mortgages, and more. We would love to have you on board as a valuable partner and enjoy continuous profits for years.

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