Protect your principal and generate dividend income.

Morex Capital is a Private Equity Fund which provides investors investments to help build wealth and financial independence.

Fixed-income investors are frustrated with this low-interest environment. Five-year GIC’s are paying less than 1% while the Bank of Canada is targeting inflation of 2%.

The stock market has witnessed significant instability and negative returns, proving difficult to navigate. Morex Capital is a Private Equity Fund, structured as a Mortgage Investment Corporation (“MIC”). Morex Capital is not correlated to public markets, provides Investors with higher returns while adding diversification to investment portfolios.

So what is a private lender and how does the program work?

A private lender is generally funded by a group of investors. To ensure alignment with investors, very often the lender is also one of the investors. The lender uses the funds to make loans and earn interest income. To ensure investor capital is protected, the lender will ensure there is sufficient collateral and/or impose covenants on the borrower. In the case of a private Mortgage Investment Corporation (“MIC”), the MIC is an investment fund.  The MIC lends money to homebuyers by issuing a mortgage which is secured by registering a lien against the property to protect investor capital.

The concept is simple, interest paid by the borrower becomes income for the investors. Private investors who participate in mortgage funding have the same legal security in a mortgage as banks and other institutional lenders do. As with bank mortgages, all documentation, security registration, and disbursement of funds are prepared and handled by a licensed professional.

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Why Invest with us?

Morex Capital specializes in sourcing, managing and investing in mortgages on behalf of Investors. We generate superior returns by investing in Canadian Residential Real Estate. We minimize risk through our emphasis on CAPITAL PRESERVATION, performing a fundamental analysis of each property and registering a lien to ensure sufficient security is held. We do not invest in the stock market and hence are not exposed to its inherent volatility. In today's environment of "lower for longer" interest rates, unstable economic conditions and a 2% target inflation rate by central banks, investors need to look to private lending to achieve higher returns while protecting capital.

Make your money work for you

We provide financing for projects such as:

* New Single-family and Multi-family developments.
* Re-financing of existing homes.
* Purchase or refinancing of existing income producing properties.
* Retirement homes.

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