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Morex Capital invests in high yielding, short-term first and second Residential mortgages. Ontario real-estate provides an unmatched level of historically stable real estate. Every investment is based on a thorough investigation of the property.

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A Sound Investment Opportunity

Fixed income investors are frustrated with this low interest environment. Five year GIC's are paying less than 1% while the Bank of Canada is targeting inflation of 2%. The stock market has witnessed significant instability and negative returns, proving difficult to navigate.


Morex Capital is a Private Equity Fund, structured as a Mortgage Investment Corporation ("MIC"). Morex Capital is not correlated to public markets, provides Investors with higher returns while adding diversification to investment portfolios.


Morex Capital qualifies for Registered plans such as RRSP, RESP, TFSA, LIRA, RRIF and other registered plans.

MICs are flow-through investment vehicles, which means they do not pay tax. This allows Morex Capital to pay 100% of its pre-tax net profit to investors, maximizing returns.

MICs are a great alternative to traditional fixed income options, like GIC's or Bonds. Morex Capital invests in stable residential properties and secures every transaction with registered liens against the property to minimize risk and protect investor capital.

The concept is simple, mortgage interest paid by the borrower becomes income for our Investors. Investors have the same legal security in a mortgage as banks and other institutional lenders do.

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