Investing in Morex Capital

a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC)
When you invest, you become a shareholder in a diversified portfolio of carefully-issued mortgages. The borrowers make their mortgage payments to the MIC, which in turn distributes the income to you.

Put Your Money to
Work… Alongside Ours

Investors seeking stability are often frustrated by the stock market’s volatility. MICs are a viable alternative for earning a stable stream of income from your capital. Morex Capital has delivered to investors net annualized income of more than 7% since its launch in 20121, while their capital was secured by high quality, Southern Ontario residential real estate.

We treat your money like our own: Morex Capital’s management team has a significant portion of their personal wealth invested alongside investors.

A Strong Portfolio

Higher Yields

We position our low-duration portfolio to succeed in the current environment while managing risk, and can adjust as mortgage rates rise. The current target yield is 8.75% per annum, and it has the potential to rise in the future.

Intelligent Risk Management

We are conservative investors with a disciplined approach. We have access to consistent deal flow, have a strong due diligence process, focus on owner-occupied properties, and maintain a conservative Loan-to-Value ratio (LTV) below 70%.

1 Annualized yield, February 1 2012 – March 31, 2024. Target yield is 8.75% per annum, subject to change.

Low Loan-to-Value (LTV)

Diversified Portfolio


Secured Lending

All portfolio data as at March 31, 2024.

Flexible investment options:

Besides cash investments, you can invest through registered accounts, such as a TFSA, RRSP or RRIF, must be accredited investor.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in investing, click below and we will connect you with one of our exempt market dealers, for a friendly, no-pressure conversation to discuss your needs and suitability, and to review the Offering Memorandum.

Minimum investment: $10,000 for accredited investors, $150,000 for non-accredited investors. 90 day notice required for redemption.
Trustee: Olympia Trust Company; Legal: McMillan LLP; Administrator: SGGG Fund Services; Auditor: MMT Professional Corp

You may be contacted by Morex Asset Management Corp, an exempt market dealer affiliated with the issuer.